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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shh. . .I have a secret!

Once, I had a secret blog. . .

So here's the deal: I'm willing and eager to say nearly anything to complete strangers. Buy me a drink, and I'll tell you about my PPMD, my gay dad, my body image issues, my fear of failure, my sex life, anything. But mine is a family with secrets. Things We Don't Talk About. Shhhhhh.

So this is my "say anything I want about my life" place. Major themes will include:

-- My weight (right now, not so much liking it)
-- My husband and our life, including our efforts to get pregnant. Specifically, to get ME pregnant.
-- My family and in-laws. Have mercy.
-- My crippling fear of failure and ensuing laziness
-- Politics, and how people who feel differently than I do really are wrong.
-- Current events, books, sports, and whatever else comes up

So, hi! Please like me! But screw you if you don't. But Please Like Me!


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