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Monday, January 23, 2006

Angsty Dreamer. . .

Anyone available for some free psychoanalysis on this one?

For several years, I've had a recurring nightmare with the basic premise that I'm late to my first class of the last semester of my senior year at Baylor. Sometimes I mess up and go to my Tues./Thurs. class instead of my Mon./Wed./Fri. class. Sometimes I just oversleep. Sometimes I can't find the right building. A few times, I've been late because I couldn't find a restroom and I had to pee (yeah, I drink too much water before bed).

Last night, in a new twist, I dreamed that James accompanied me to my first day of class, but when I got to my religion class, it had been changed to something else. So we had to track down a class catalog to determine where I was supposed to be for class at 9 a.m. And we couldn't find one anywhere. So I missed my first class and was freaking out. Then I woke up.

Why, almost six years after graduating, am I dreaming that I'm late to class? It's always upsetting, and I'm tired of it! My best guess is that the dream represents some underlying anxiety about my life, but I'm not sure what it is. . .


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