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Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Brush with Celebrity

I just noticed that I'm on childsplayx2's blogroll! I am duly honored.

For anyone who might be reading my blog anew (and, as you can tell from my comments, I get TONS of readers!), I assure you that I won't write about my girly bits every day. I have a rich, full life that includes:
  • A job in marketing for a small non-profit organization
  • A wonderful husband who also has more to do than just get me knocked up
  • A love of good books, good red wine, and good country music (i.e., Johnny Cash)
  • A belief system that is both liberal and Christian (the two are NOT mutually exclusive, no matter what the "religious" right has to say)
  • A major crush on TiVo
  • A nerdy obsession with grammar
  • A whole host of neuroses that will become obvious the more I write

So, see? I'm all kinds of fun. Unless you're a conservative, corporate, non-reader who can't spell, doesn't drink, hates sex and TV, and listens to Barry Manilow all day. Then, I'm probably not so great.


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